and tax law

Judicial and Advisory Actions

  • Elaboration of legal actions aiming at the questioning of tax launches or obtaining reduction of the tax burden in the light of positions emanating from the Superior Courts;
  • Risk analysis and interpretation of planning situations;
  • Elaboration of legal opinions on tax matters;
  • Personal follow-up of issues involving cases of relevance to each client;
  • Follow-up of actions in the Superior Courts (STJ and STF).
  • Consulting and Preparation of Legal Opinions in the fiscal area;
  • Tax planning;
  • Performance in the judicial tax litigation, in all instances of the Judiciary, including before the Federal Supreme Court and the Superior Court of Justice, in lawsuits challenging tax requirements or aiming at recovering taxes unduly collected;
  • Proceeding in the administrative tax litigation in the federal, state and municipal spheres, before the respective administrative courts in processes related to defenses of infraction notices and tax launches, as well as in restitution proceedings, compensation and compensation of taxes.
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areas of expertise

  • Labor relations law

    Acting in administrative bodies, representation in collective and individual negotiations with the Public Labor Ministry, unions, class entities; labor lawsuits in favor of the employer and elaboration of legal opinions and compliance policies.

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  • Corporate law and asset protection

    Family planning, legal advice for business activities, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, negotiation and drafting of shareholders 'and quotaholders' agreements, changes or reformulations of contracts or statutes, preparation of minutes, corporate litigation in favor of companies or their partners.

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  • Foreign Trade

    Incorporation and qualification of companies so that they can act in the International Trade (import and / or export), elaboration of all the contracts involved in the import and export operations, opinions (legal opinions), civil litigation, tributary and customs litigation, in the scopes administrative and judicial

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